Dinosorcerers: Extinction Stinks!

Dinosorcerers, Extinction Stinks

Dinosorcerers: Extinction Stinks! is availble now from Amazon, Fractured Mirror Publishing and other major retailers.

A group of dinosaur wizards known as Dinosorcerers escaped extinction 65 million years ago by fleeing the Earth. Now they’re back and ready to reclaim the planet they once ruled.

Nine-year-old Charlie Appleday, with the help of his clever friend Meredith, travels back to the time of the dinosaurs to explore the roots of their ancient magic.

Can Charlie and Meredith uncover the secrets of the Dinosorcerers before it’s too late?

“Few things go together better than kids and dinosaurs, and this novel proves it by taking readers on a magical journey that is every kid's dream come true. … This is children's fiction at its best with lots of action, adventure, and suspense, each chapter ending in a cliff-hanger. … I highly recommend this to boys and girls who enjoy adventure fiction, magic, and dinosaurs.” – Five-star review

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